Friday, December 5, 2008


My brother is planning to make a short film about SFI, but so far all he did is this trailer. The "whodunit" movie will be about 24 mins long and be centred on a murder of a student. He's still looking for scriptwriters and actors!

Click here to watch the higher quality original Flash movie with quasi-DVD features!

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KW said...


With the end of SPM, many of us will soon be going our separate ways. Being in SFI for so long, many of us have fond (or, er, not so fond) memories of our alma mater. So, let's make a movie with SFI as a setting! Obviously, I can't do this alone, so I need your help!

Working title:
CSI: Melaka (crime-thriller-dry comedy type of movie, eg just google "Hot Fuzz"!)

It's late in the evening, and a bunch of teenagers have climb into our padang to play football (illegaly, of course). They're having a fun time kicking the ball around and shouting. Suddenly, one of them starts yelling in pain and slumps to the ground. Without warning, he explodes and bursts into flames, guts flying everywhere, and dies horribly. His friends are too scared to do anything and run away...

The next morning, the burnt remains are found. Police come to investigate the crime scene, but leave halfway for their, er, lunch break.
So, its up to the prefects to form a CSI team and solve the case in only 20 minutes!

The victim is SFI's most notorious gangster/ womaniser/ conman, so CSI suspects that the murderer is a fellow student. They must race against the clock answer the question: was it just an inexplicable incident, or cold-blooded murder?

(Yeah, well I got this brainwave while cramming for bio... I've thought of a very interesting method of murder too!)

Reality of the situation:
This movie isn't going to be filmed easily. We need:

1. A few scriptwriters (i need your ideas too!)
2. Talented directors/Editors (Minimum 2)
3. Hard-working actors (4 or 5 main CSI actors, 1 victim, 3-4 suspects)
4. 2 Cameramen (preferably with Handycam, but normal cams are ok)
5. Prop guys (somebody needs to bring the guns/fake blood/gloves/goggles)

The more (guest stars) the merrier!

Mostly SFI (field, physics lab, padang etc)
but Ujong Pasir, Pertam Jaya and Bukit China shots will make it more interesting, I think.

Filming should take no more than 1 week (film is only 20 mins long), post-editing another 1 week.

The movie will be put on Youtube for your grandchildren to see!

Anyone interested, please contact me by email, msn or phone