Monday, April 6, 2009

F1 Sepang "Vroom-vroom!"

Well, the day started when all the F1 in schools National Teams gathered in Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. It's supposed to be the nation's top school! The four of us-me, Kell Jim, Joel and Kin Yoong wondered around the school while waiting for th
e other teams to arrive. The school even had it's own rock climbing facility.
We arrived at the circuit at about 2pm. It was raining heavily and everyone was
soaked wet. We took the shuttle bus service to the main enterence.The races began, and it was the GP2's turn first. I wouldn't like to comment on the noise produced by those cars! We needed earplugs to keep our heads from bursting. They sold earplugs at 5 ringgit each but you knoe la! Some people just want to save money. I got some tissue paper from my lunch set and stuffed it into my ears. The rest of the guys followed. The place we were sitting was filled with "Ang Mo" . They had expensive head gear and al sorts of complex devices to keep track with the race. I on the other hand had my... eyes and partially deaf ears. Good enough.
The race started. First round, there were already drivers having engine problems. Then it was all smooth sailing from there. After bout 25 laps. Rain clouds started to drift towards the circuit. I personally was hoping for rain because that is when the drama usually starts. And the drama really did start. As soon as it started to drizzle, a car slipped. If I'm not mistaken it was a Force India car. After Thambi, it was Toyota. The rain continued to fall. More and more drivers started to
skid. The pace of the cars grew slower and the race started to get dull. Finally the safety car was called out. The safety was a Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG and looked truly awesome. The race was called to an end. Quite dissapointing I might say. I really did hope for more accidents. Out of the 56 laps, only 32 were completeted,what a waste!
The five of us headed back home after going head to head with massive traffic jams. By th time we reached Malacca it was already 1am and best of all, we had school the next day...

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