Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've been wanting to visit the KL PIKOM fair because unlike the Malaccan one, the KL version is at a much larger scale. This year, the fair was held KL Convention Centre, I made my way there after my Chess club meeting in college. It was already 6pm so I had to rush. First, I made my way to Sunway Pyramid. Then, I took a Metrobus to Kota Raya. From there, I hopped on the Kelana Jaya LRT line. 

Total cost from Sunway to KLCC: RM4.60

The KLCC station is connected directly to the shopping complex. Unfortunately, I had to walk quite a distance to reach the Convention Centre. All together there were about six halls, each one having a specific theme. For example, one hall had everything regarding antivirus soft wares...another hall sold various audio related devices. First, I visited a hall which exhibited latest computers from some major retailers such as HP, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu and the rest. Prices not as competitive as the ones in Malacca, but they have more models especially those that cater only to niche markets.

I scrambled through the entire place in about half an hour and I thought that was never knew this KL PIKOM was so lousy. On my way out, I stumbled upon another few halls also part of the PC fair. These halls were filled with individual booths selling your typical computer add-ons. A lot of cool gadgets and accessories were for sale here, too many to mention in this blog post. Some shops even gave out free hampers to shoppers. These weren't any normal hampers, they were huge towering hampers filled with goodies! The fair closed at around 9pm so I didn't have time to finish exploring the whole place. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just wanted to experience a Real PIKOM fair.

I had half of my dinner at the KLCC food court below Kinokuniya bookstore. Mee Goreng for four bucks. This is surprisingly cheap compared to other foods here. The same stall where I bought my mee goreng, they were selling these huge 15cm long prawns for RM25 each. Way too expensive for me!
(Note: I didn't eat the prawns, so don't blame me on over spending!)

A few friends accompanied me to the fair. On our way back, one of them decided to show us to his favourite eating spot right at the heart of Petaling Street. Petaling Street is just a short walk away from the Pasar Seni LRT station, less than 5 minutes. The restaurant is named Restaurant Kim Lian Kee.
Its rumoured that this is the pioneer restaurant that sells hokkien noodle. My friend told me, this place was very popular back then. His father used to have this everyday after school.

I sat opposite of the shop, in front of Hong Leong bank. Could be a bit hot and stuffy. . Pricing was around RM 6 per serving. To me, it was quite reasonable. There were quite a few waiters running around taking orders and such. Noticed the hokkien noodle was cooked with “mee hoon”. It actually will taste better if cooked that way. Another friend tried Mee and boom epic failure! The mee was soft and slimy, below average standards! On weekends, people actually line up to get sits, lucky for us because we didn;t have to do so. No worth the sweat waiting for some miserable food.

After dinner/supper, I took a RapidKL bus back. The bus was empty, I had the bus to myself!

Total cost of journey back: RM4.60

Total Expenditure: RM(4.60+4.60+4.00=6.00) = RM19.20!

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