Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whopping experience!

 I have not been to any Burger King outlets previously because meals there are just too expensive. Every time I think of burgers, the mac value meal pops up in my mind. An advertisement in today's newspaper caught my attention, Whoppers for one ringgit! The catch was that you have to purchase a carbonated drink with the burger. Burger King outlets are everywhere, the outlet nearest to my college is off course the one in pyramid.

By the time I got there, there was already this 50 people-long queue in front of the relatively hard to find outlet. The Burger King in pyramid is located just above the main entrance, far from any of the other fast food restaurants. Believe it or not...I actually searched the ice-skating atrium for it!

Two classmates came along and each of us got in line. One customer is entitled to three purchases each, no more no less. Service was speedy considering the number of Whoppers they had to make. I actuallycounted the average rate of production of Whopper...around two per minute! I guess production rate is higher when activation energy(Price per Whopper) drops.

I spent a total of RM24 for six Whoppers and six cokes. I didn't have them all to myself, only ate two. I da pao-ed the rest for my friends in college. Whopper quite large and tasty, enough to make me full.

...sapu habis

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