Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Help me...win!

Everyone, I need your favours. I entered this logo design competition organised by the government. I was required to design a logo for our county's up and coming MRT project. Grand prize is RM10,000! I need all of you to like my entry.
It's one of the only green ones, underneath says posted by KIN MUN.
I also posted a red and blue version...like them too!
To vote, you have to log in, but this only takes less than a minute! CLICK HERE!

This logo for the 'My Rapid Transit'  applies the ease and friendly nature of their vision and priorities within the Transport sector. The colors used are a soft blue and a darker blue. The soft blue demonstrates a friendly, well balanced and caring company, while the darker blue reveals the more stable and functional priority of the company’s vision. Below the initials of the company - which stress the name of the company for ease of remembering for the audience - are two arrow looking shapes pointing in opposite directions which represent the MRT commuters moving rapidly.
A slanted and bold 'Avantgarde' font is applied for the initials of the company, giving it a sense of vision. The graphics used are kept as minimal as possible so that the logo is pleasing to the eye and not too aggressive.

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