Monday, May 7, 2012

Where did the year go again?

Time just flies, it has been a almost 8 months since I've step foot in this foreign land. Fear not, I have not given up on my blog. I hope that I will be able to update more posts in the coming months when I am back in Malaysia. The past 4 months have been a struggle, I had difficulties settling down from the post-Christmas break laziness. I promised myself to work hard this semester having suffered last semester due to excessive cramming done last minute. I tried studying ahead of the exams, months ahead in fact... to my dismay, the procrastination cycle continued . Unlike the A-levels or SPM, medical school exams for Trinity College take place in a span of 3-4 days consecutively. No gaps in between, no time for last minute work. So many details and facts to memorise. Sometimes, the textbooks just overwhelm me. The first year of medical school is when many students drop out. Those who proceed to year two are usually the 'homogenised' lot, those capable of handling the stress of being a Medical students. The pass mark for the exams is 50, get a grade below that for any of the subjects, and bye you go to repeat the year. I will find out my fate in a few weeks time when the provisional results come out. As for now, I'm recuperating from excessive 'brain use'.

Here's a summary of what happened in the past 4 months...

Made sushi rolls!
Rolling sushi, a skill to be perfected. Not perfected this time. Luckily tasted alright.

Hiking in Glendalough
The mountains of Wicklow, perfect for giving you sore thighs.

Visited the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland
A one day trip to Belfast to visit the famous Giants Causeway and Carrick a Rede Bridge. 

Visit to Edinburgh
The class rep organised a trip to Edinburgh in conjunction with our reading week. A hilly city, filled with the richness of Haggis, fried Mars bars and Ironbru.


Perfect weather(17 degrees!), the return to Spicy Bites and St. Patrick's Day
The weather took a sudden turn. We had sun for a few days, amazing by Irish standards. I decided to revisit my favorite Indian Buffet place, been craving for their curries for sometime now. Then there was the St. Patrick's Day. Streets packed with tourist...nothing worth mentioning.

April fools
Well some genius decided to embed actual eggs in the so called 
chocolate Easter Eggs. The greedy me got tricked.

Exam season
Ahh...glad it's over now.

....and that is it! 

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