Monday, June 1, 2009

KL Trip

Me and my 2 of my friends:(Andre Teow)Fart-machine and (Jonah See)Big bird made a trip to KL recently. It wasn't a long one...just 2 days.

Aim:To buy sumthing.

Problem statement: Can we can buy that sumthing?

Hypothesis: That sumthing can be bought.

manpulated-mood of people
responding-presence of sumthing

Apparatus and material: bus tickets, money, water, coke, food, luggage bag...thats about it

1.)We ponteng school.(Friday ma!)

2.)We met up in Melaka Central at 8:45pm

3.)We hopped on the KKKL bus.

4.)Doze off in bus.

5.)Arrive at Puduraya station(KL)

6.)Buy bus tickets home-also KKKL

7.)Went to PLAZA RAKYAT LRT station, boarded LRT

8.)Transfer at Masjid Jamek, arrived in KL central
Our country very advanced! all the LRTs are "interconnected"

9.)Went to collect condo keys from Jonah's...umm family friend

10.)Find condo
We actually tried to break in some people's condos because we weren't to sure on which condo to enter.

11.)Enter condo

12.)Look at clock
Well that was the only source of entertainment

13.)Stare at clock
The clock was quite entertaining

14.)Went for lunch at Subway
mmm...nice sandwiches, kinda expensive though

15.)Took an LRT to Pasar Seni-Petaling Street
We went to Petaling Street to buy the "sumthing"
-there were many stalls there, mostly runned by Chinaman. The Chinaman all like gangsters.
These people here spoke Manglish, Mandarin, Cantonese and of course Malay. Knowing that they wree chinaman we spoke mandarin most of the time.
The following conversation took place between me, Andre and the stall owner,
Me: Hey, this design quite nicelah.
Andre: Hmm...not bad
Stall owner: Wanna buy ar?
Andre: How much?
Stall owner: RM 35!
Me: Wah no money wo...
Stall owner: How much you wan?
Andre: 12 bucks
Stall owner: Where got like that one!
we proceeded to the next stall...
Stall owner: WAIT WAIT WAIT....aiyah give u fifteen lah!
Andre kept on walking forwards. Luckily we reminded him because it was his decision to make.
Me: se wu quai ah?
Stall owner: lai lai lai da jia dou shi hua ren...
It was a gud buy MISSION COMPLETE

16.)Carried the stuff all the way back to the KL Central

17.)Had dinner in Rasa Mas restaurant.

18.)The next day...had breakfast in Indian stall

19.)Went to KLCC after that-KLCC seemed kinda small

20.) Headed for KINOKUNIYA Bookstore
spent nearly an two hours there. WE had a short toilet break. I waited outside. Ten minutes had passed. Jonah did not come out. He did his business in the toilet. We continued our window shopping. Not long after, Jonah requested for another toilet break. He must have been food poisoned. I thought poor guy, but it turned out that he got some toilet paper stuck in the place where the sun never shines. Goodness gracious me! I mean, who ever does that! more further details

21.) Da pao lunch at Cold storage-roast chicken and mee goreng to be exact
as we were heading back guess what, Andre and I took the wrong LRT, we went in the opposite direction. Jonah did not fall into the same trap as us.

22.) went back to condo, ate lunch and had a quick swim in pool

23.)packed and went home


The clock...There was supposed to be a plasma TV there

The effect of boredom

Petaling Street- one stall owner standing there in "cheng" position

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