Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What happened t'day


I've been quite busy working on my bicycle lately. My bike needed some upgrading.....in terms of "everything". So I decided to re-spray my bike with a bright orange colour paint. The rear tyre of the bike was already BOTAK! So i had to change it too.
Total cost of upgrade: RM55
1.) spray paint two cans RM 15
2.)New rear tyre RM 15
3.) New paddles RM 25


Bro. Mike and Yong Leh's birthday

5Hijau celebrated bro. Mike's and Yong Leh's birthday today. Thanks monitor Joel for buying the cake for them...

Who's that ar? the one on the right hand side...I really dunno!

Oh ya, and about the class shirt...I went to ask Tco for the pricing. Altogether RM 18.50. If the class prefers microfibre then its Rm 22.50

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