Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Prefect's Farewell Dinner

Well it rained for the past few days. Today, I attended tution all day long. Morning Mr. Wong Physics, afternoon Cikgu Sidek(bercakap benar) B.Malaysia. Haiz sian...Lucky for me, the 2009 SFI Prefect's Farewell Dinner is today! I went home after Gemilang tution, had my change of clothes and headed for Equitorial Hotel. Most of the prefects were there already, except for a few. We waited for bout 20 minutes before going upstairs to the pool side venue. Haha this was my chance, my chance to throw someone in the pool. it was a privilege which I didn't get to enjoy for the past 4 years! Jared ur next....
Overall, the farewell was better than last year's, food was good, atmosphere was good, singing "above average" thanks to Kenny ang and his gang. Now I regret becoming a prefect for only one year!

Here are a few pics from today,

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