Monday, August 24, 2009

Melaka - invaded once again!

One group came from the Land of the rising sun and the other came from "below ground"...nah just joking. Last Wednesday a group of about twenty Japanese & Indos came to our school. It was part of the annual student exchange programme. The Indons were here for the first time, their from neighbouring Palembang, Parameswara's birth place. The Japs on the other hand come from Kagoshima.

I didn't get a chance to meet them on arrival but on Friday they entered my class. Some classmates interacted well with them while the other just stood at the corners of the class. some prefects including me were delayed by the current head prefect due to some unforeseen circumstances. They did a spot check on our bags in suspection of bringing hand
phones to school.

About 20 minutes later, I came to class, put down my bag and did some close observation. Jameson chilled out with the Indons while the others surrounded the Japs. I managed to speak to a few of them but only for a short while.

from left: Joel, Kevin, Andre, Kurumi, Jonah,Eric, and me.

As part our the KAYAF troupe that performed in Japan last year, it was our duty host our guest. We followed them to Zoo Melaka on Saturday. I got a ride from Sang Huat there in his Isuzu trooper. Wow, awesome driving skills man!

mass gathering before entrance

The last time I went to the zoo was like 5 years ago! I got a chance to practise some fotoglafi..ahem, skills.

the Himalayan Vulture, looked like an oversized balding chicken

Another rubbish friendly chicken...

Hairy chicken...using legs to shake hands

My camera ran out of battery half way so I couldn't get anymore pictures in the zoo.

For lunch, we treated the Japanese in a restaurant in Dataran Pahlawan. "Xin Tian Di" if I'm not wrong. Most of them ordered cheese rice.

Me: Urm what do you want, Rice...or Noodles?
Koyo: Rice...
Me: Chicken or pork?
Koyo: Chicken
Me: what bout you?
Yukiko: Oh..umm..rice...
me: pork rice???
Yukiko: yes...The farewell dinner took place that night. Yes, I finally got a whole lot of photos with the guest.

Kaho & Koyo

Indons: someone & someone(comeone I can't be one-sided)


Group photo





Another group photo


All in all, the student exchange was good and I'm really looking forward to future visits.


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