Friday, October 23, 2009

PIZZAS!!! don't taste that good...

A final farewell I bid to Mr. Ong, which has been my school's principal for the past 10 years!

My NIE team decided to spend our Pizza Hut vouchers last Wenesday. We planned a combine feast with Chyi Kwang's group but unfortunately, he "Fang Fei Ji-boycotted" the plan. We proceeded to the Pizza Hut restaurant in Mahkota Parade after school. The shopping centre was undergoing a minor renovation inside, it looked kinda different...a little more quiet. The pizzas didn't taste that good, they lacked cheese and toppings. Service was bad and they dare charge us 18 bucks for it! Eleven of us went, no wonder the pizzas all sapu habis. Guest of honour brother Michael Kum couldn't make it due to certain complications.

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