Friday, December 11, 2009


Well today, I finally got to start my amali test for (L) licence in where else but the famous Zapcity.
A few weeks back before SPM ended, my mother went to the Malacca Safety Driving Centre to enquire about the price for D(car) licence. One old chinese instructor quoted 900+ ringgit.
'My price very cheap alredy wor!'
'What about Zapcity?'
'That one ah, they take you to the jungle and drive one...'
' pay extra 90 ringgit sure pass my one...'

What more can I say? He was discouraging me to go to Zapcity. Nevertheless, I took up the challenge, I went the jungles. So where exactly is Zapcity? It's somewhere in Alor Gajah. At 6:45am I was already waiting for their van to pick me up near the Ujong Pasir Petronas. Eric joined me there. Suddenly this old van popped out in front of us, it was the zapcity van. We got into it, we were the only ones then. The driver was a typical Chinaman. Wah, wah, wah, da jia dou shi hua ren wo! The van made about a dozen stops before arriving in Alor Gajah. That chinaman was a driving instructor, he took and made phone calls while driving and was a perfect example of a law abiding citizen!

The entire journey there took about one hour plus minus the stops we made to fetch other people. Once there, I got myself registered, I entered the lecture roomat 8:15, the people in charge spelled my name wrongly. Who's Lee Kim Mun? you tell me!

A lot of my friends complain about the five and a half hour lesson for the amali test, mine was very quick, the lesson only went on for bout 1 one hour, the rest of the time we spent sleeping and eating.

8:15am - the lecturer was there waiting for us. We waited for a full 2 hours before the lecture started.
10:15am - The lecture started. And then it ended half and hour later. (ok sekarang masa rehat-he never said it was for breakfast, and so we ate lunch instead)

11:45am - The lecture continued. And it ended at 12:30. (ok, sekarang masa nak rancang waktu rehat untuk waktu makan tengah hari, what on earth! Orang melayu nak sembahyang kami ada sediakan van untuk hantar...)

2.00pm - The final lecture, the previous lecturer was replaced by another person. This new guy was slightly better. He's an ex-militant, a retiired army officer. I could tell from his soldier-styled hair cut and united abdominal buldge-belly.

4:00pm - the day ended. I headed home, fetched by the same china-uncle. He said, 'eh, you wanna pass the amali test quick dun need to study the whole book...just study five pages can pass alreddy but you must be under my you want to be under my service'
and I said, ' but uncle i want to get fifty out of fifty!'
Uncle: Aiyah you from SFi science student no problem one lah!
I stood there speechless...

mother-trucker! (my ride)

their canteen, food here is quite reasonable(taste and pricing)

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