Sunday, March 14, 2010

SPM results... not as I have expected!

It was the 11th of March and I was supposed to collect my SPM results on that day. I had a good rest the night before and wasn't worried about the results. On the day itself, things started to change; I became more and more excited. I got up from bed at around 7am, had no breakfast and prepared myself to go to school. The excitement came not because of the results but rather from the opportunity to meet up with old friends that I've never seen since the last day of the examination. Then came the "CALL", it was from the school office. I was invited to receive my SPM certificate from the Chief Minister himself, Datuk Ali Rustam. Given a choice between attending the official function in Seri Negri or to go back to my alma mater, I would have chosen the latter. But unfortunately, I had to attend because this was an official ceremony and not just some road side act. Once there, I met up with my two class former classmates. They both wore school uniform making me the odd one out. We waited for about 2 hours before our guest of honour made his way into the conference room. No well-builed bodyguards on site, only a few corrupt ministers. In total, there were 12 straight A+ students from Melaka. 3 from SFI, 3 from Dog School, 1 from IJC, 1 from St. David...and the rest from some unknown malay school. If my memory serves me correct, it was Selandar or something. The standards in Melaka are no where near the ones in Selangor. I have one friend who attended Catholic High School in KL and he claimed that in total 200+ students from his school got straight As. This shows how easily students get their As nowadays. When you mention straight As...The As maybe of three different types, A-, A and A+. Thousands of students get their straight As. But to be honest straight As signify nothing, even if you get a string of doesn't show how smart you are.

After the prize ceremony, the three of us quickly made our way back to school. Unfortunately, everyone had left the school. We managed to thank some teachers including brother Mike. He was so proud with his class nad kept on repeating the phrase "Last year's 5Hijau was one of the best classes I ever taught, can you believe it mor than half the class got straight As!". I could tell from his speach that he was very happy with his class of 09. Wen Hao and i met up witha bunch of classmates in Dataran. They watched Alice in Wonderland, we didn't. They too got straight As as i knew they would have. Smart people mah, what to do...We hadn't had lunch adn it was getting late, so decided to have some Kentucky Fried Chicken...excellent food...the blend of 24 herbs and spices...original recipe...


Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers and friends who have supported me all the way through my secondary school years, for its because of them, that I've achieved the near impossible...12 A+ yeah!!!

Standing in front of our alma mater

A shot with our form teacher...

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