Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Update...more about Sunway!!!

'Back in Malacca for Pra-test tomorrow, had great dinner and now I'm blogging, ahem.'

Ate cafeteria food today and had tau foo fah for dessert. I'm not a very big fan of cafeteria food because it's rather costly. I only eat here when it rains or when I'm short of time. For cheap food here you can either order chicken rice (RM3.60) or Chee Cheong Fun (Rm0.60 per ingredient).

Chee Cheong Fun

Step outside college and there's a whole new world waiting for you. Students give the restaurants colour-codes so their easier to remember. There's One2Eat (Orange), Pink, White, Rock Cafe (Medan), Signature, Hasra, Lunchbox and not forgetting tau foo fah stall. Foreigners like to hang out at PINK; locals go for either Orange or Medan. Unless you're a heat loving person, you wouldn't want to go to Medan in the afternoon. It's very crowded and warm there...much like a pasar malam minus the odour. Orange is famous for its waffles once I lived on waffles alone but got too feed up with the gooey texture after a while and gave up on it. Hasra is a typical mamak stall. Lunchbox and Singnature are almost similar in terms of food quality but the latter scores in terms of decor.

Food places

Most shops here are Wi-Fi enabled except for White and Tau Foo Fah stall. The stall owner should seriously consider installing a wireless modem there. If you can't decide on which food to choose from, a tip is to just stalk your lecturers and see where they go! They of all people should know where to find good food. Another option is to DONT EAT, lose weight at the same time. Third option, survival food mcD or KFC!


For dinner, I had good old Pork Chop at Wok and Pan, excellent food I tell ya! Those of you who have been there should get what I mean. The chef here used to work in Renaissance Hotel but later moved to this place here in Melaka Raya. That's all for now, up next...more food!!!

Pork Chop

Chicken Chop

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