Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buffets in Le Méridien

My parents asked me if I wanted spend the weekend in Le Méridien Hotel KL located right beside KL central, I said YES!!! My mother had two buffet dinner vouchers and she decided to treat my elder brother and me. I also wanted to pay a visit to my college mate; he lives in a high rise condominium just a few blocks away from the station. Buffet dinners don't come by that easily...only breakfasts do!

I kept my expectations low. " Aiyah, nothing much onelah...sure lousy food!"

Step into the restaurant and you be blown away by the large variety of food. They have separate counters for each different type of cuisine-Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese included. Two chocolate fountains await you at the entrance, one was milk chocolate and the other one was white chocolate.

Standard procedures in buffet, you must start-off with the "tasteless" of foods and then slowly move up the ranks to more complex foods. I planned out my battle strategy before attacking. My previous encounter I loss to the enemy, I wouldn't want to be defeated the second time. I attacked The Land of The Rising Sun first. Quite amazed by the amount of sashimi they had. The sashimi was nice with a selection of salmon, maguro, butterfish and octopus.

tepanyaki scallop and cod fish

After conquering Japan we headed to the west. I fought a hard battle there. Meat came from all angles, I didn't know what to do. Grilled sirloin steak, lamb, chicken, fish...I ate until I got sick of meat and then I proceeded to the forest, the place where there's vast amounts of greenery. I hand-tossed some Caesar salad. The different oils placed in elongated bottles that looked very much like test tubes. I also tried the local salads "ROJAK" just to be fair....tasted not bad.

Meat rocks!!!

After hiding in the forest for quite some time, I regained my energy. I headed for the sea. There were plenty of raw oysters and shellfish including abalone. The attacks weren't as frequent as that of land.

I didn’t spent much time at sea, I arrived in China. Many foreign flavours I encountered there, these green and yellow bits of meat wrapped in wanton skin (DIM SUM) tasted awful. Because no pork lard in it, what a waste!!!

In India, I tried all the Tandoori dishes, not bad indeed. I didn't dare touch the thick curries because these dishes would fill my stomach up and I would have no appetite for anything else!

the curries!!!

I'm a non believer in dessert, so I didn't settle for any except for two bowls of Green Tea Ice cream. More wasted space jut thrown away like that. I could have gone for more meat but I could walk any more. I dragged myself back to the hotel room and that was it for the day....! The war is over, peace is regained...

fried fruits(aka)pisang goreng

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