Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's been a millennium since I've started my driving lessons, 6 whole months to be exact. Travelling to and fro from Sunway isn’t an easy task. Much time spent on the journey to the driving academy in Alor Gajah. Unlike most lucky folks out there, I don't have the privilege of having my driving instructor pick me up from my door step. A van fetches me to the middle of some jungle and drops me off. Speaking of instructors, mine changed all the time! So just because you see this old China sifu today doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get to be under his guidance the next time you have your lessons. To be honest, the instructors don't teach. They expect you to drive on the first lesson. If my memory serves me correct, a few months ago a fat Chinese Ah Beng-ish uncle threw me a set of keys, asked me to start the Kancil immediately and then forced me out into the main road. Not surprisingly, I met cows while driving through some jungle road. And yeah, they said MOOOooo to me. Never look down on ulu roads. The roads in Alor Gajah aren't filled with cars; they are flooded with oil tankers, trucks, buses and lorries.

Basically to get your driving licence you will have to pass one theory and two practical tests. The theory is easy... If you can't pass, shame on you. Practical was equally as simple, I had to pass one circuit and one outdoor test. The circuit consists of three elements, namely the BUKIT, side parking and three-point turn. Overcome these and you are guaranteed a pass. I used to fear the BUKIT the most, people say you get caught up there very easily because balancing the clutch is hard. Once your car engine “dies-off”, your chances of passing are near zero. Retaking the test will set you back another RM55. Well let me give you a tip, to go up the hill press the accelerator as hard as you can, preferably until the pedal touches the ground and then let the clutch go. Release the hand break fully and you be on your way to heaven. Once your side mirrors are in line with the poles on the side of the BUKIT, pull the hand break as hard as you can. Once on top, repeat the steps and find yourself a way down. Go ahead and launch yourself of the ramp if you want to, as long as you make it down there safely. Just use your drifting skills and slide your way into the parking lot. Three-point turn also simple. Apply your drift skills to it.

Circuit over, now comes the hard part, the outdoor part. As you can see, unlike driving in the circuit, driving outside can be a daunting task. In the circuit, it's either a pass or a fail, black or white, no grey. No one cheats because no one can cheat.

Since I can drive now, it's about time I get a car. Not too expensive though. Currently, I have a few in mind.

porsche spyder 918

bugatti veyron

lamborghini gallardo

First choice-limited edition KANCIL AE86

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