Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ampang Satay and Chawan Bangsar in just one day!

Had a great time together with the U2 cell group. Tried out famous Ampang Satay-chicken, beef, lamb at a flat rate of 70 cents per stick. Very long since I've eaten good satay and ten times more worthwhile compared to Dragon-i. I also got to try out Chun-one nasi lemak(RM1) which they claim is an original recipe since 1936. That's 74 years ago!

After the satay meal, we went to the other side of town....Bangsar. Supposedly, this area of Kl is a popular hang out place for the rich and famous. We headed toward our destination which was a Malay old-style kopitiam called Chawan.

As with most of the kopitiam inspired cafes out there, this one had your typical nasi lemak and teh tarik. One thing special about this kopitiam was that it served at least 15 different kinds of coffees from at least 15 different parts of Malaysia, each having a distinct aroma and flavour.

There's even one coffee from Melaka, kopi Aik Cheong! I went for teh tarik because I wasn't planning to stay up for too long, it was already late at night. We ordered some Lekor and fried taufu which tasted average. Service was good and what amazed me the most was the atmosphere.

They used landslide preventing concrete cages to cover up one part of the wall, giving the whole place this rugged look that blended with the old style wooden chairs. All in all, it was truly an unique experience!

Note: Sorry for the grainy pictures, all my photos were taken using my phone's VGA camera!

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