Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Secret Passageway...

From that day onwards, we are the pioneers of a new route to Sunway Lagoon, this time through a road very much not taken!

It was after my math class on Friday that I decided to take a peek at what the so called 'Hovercraft' project was all about. Mr. Kingsley, one of the A-level Physics lecturers has taken up this highly skilled task. He and a team of students have been working day and night on a supposedly six-seater hovercraft. Imagine having to calculate all the down forces, coefficients, torque of the hovercraft, very mind boggling.

The workshop is located on the south-east end of the campus, down a dirt road behind the art gallery. I didn't now such a place existed until just recently. While waiting for Mr. Kingsley to show himself, I asked Thasban(classmate) about that shack further down the dirt track.

KIN MUN: Hey, what's that thing over there?
Thasban: It's a bird how lar!
KIN MUN: Then what beyond the bird house?
Thasban: A construction site for the new campus extension I guess.

We embarked on a journey towards insanity

We wondered down this narrow pathway along the college campus. It wasn't exactly that narrow, but it was some sort of jungle trail. Cars could barely fit through. It's a downhill trail, good for mountain biking. At the beginning of the trail, a lamp post with a radio controlled switch greeted us. Turn the switch on and it will send radio signals to all the other lamp posts around the area to light the whole track up. We saw this massive white canopy at the bottom of the slope, into the valley where the old mining pond was. That canopy was part of the Sunway lagoon theme park. It was quite some distance away from where we were standing.

KIN MUN: Hey wonder if it's possible to go down there and sneak into the theme park.
Others: So far, how to go?
KIN MUN: hey wait, what's that track over there...

I discovered a further pathway; it was like a scene from the poem 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost. Shall we or shall we not go further? Yes we should...

 we came in from here...

Then we arrived, there was no gate, no wall, nothing to prevent us student from trespassing. We found ourselves in Sunway Lagoon concourse just in the timeframe of a few minutes. Amazing isn’t it? The guard didn't notice our presence until one of my classmates asked him, "Hey, boleh masuk?"
Then he smiled at us,"pergi dari sini". Probably wondering where these jakuns came from.

From that day onwards, we are the pioneers of a new route to Sunway Lagoon, this time through a road very much not taken!

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