Saturday, September 4, 2010

My lecturers - Part 1

No teacher can match Mr. Chong in terms of experience and also fitness. He actually gave us some Qi-gong lessons because someone found out he was a master of the art. He is very much like one of those kung fu sifus you get in epic chinese movies.

Lessons are always filled with analogies, never boring. Thanks to him, I have a strong understanding in Chemistry. His methods may be old-fashioned, but they are still the best. He always refers to our  SPM as O-levels...In fact, some our present lecturers were actually his former students! everyone respects him...even the head of the A-level department in our college. Legend says that he is capable of doing push ups single handed.

Favourite quotes include:
-you people nowadays
-you're getting very careless
-come on, as simple as that
-yes or no!

MORE TO COME----------------------------------------this isn't the end!

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