Monday, September 6, 2010

WILLIAM's-Itallian Mamak

Had a great time at William's today. My brother's roommate asked me a few weeks ago whether I wanted to join him and his classmates for a meal at William's. William's is famous for it's Italian mamak styled cuisine. My brother has been telling me about this legendary place tucked right in one corner of Taman Mayang in Kelana Jaya. It's an old shack near the present Lincoln college(ex-Lim Kok Weng). Mr. Leonard, my Thinking Skills lecturer is a devotee of the place...he worships it and calls first timers virgins of the meal. 

The place had no menu. I overheard a conversation for the table next door. It took place between a mak cik and Mr. William,

Mak Cik: Mana menu?
William: You ade internet? kalau ade boleh cari wikipedia...sana ade!
Mak Cik: Tak nak la!
William: Tak ape, fish itu ikan, chicken itu ayam, beef itu daging! Semua ade.

Mr. Leonard was our menu for the day. Below is the list of food he ordered:

1.) Meatball spaghetti

2.) Pizza

3.) Lamb shank with Persian rice

4.) Mee raja


5.) Soft shell crab with fried rice

We ordered our drinks separately, Most of them tried the ribena lychee, I got myself the mango special. It was good but quite costly...4 ringgit. The drink had two lychees in it plus a lot nata de coco bits! Mango flavour was definitely there. Other foods worth mentioning were the soft-shell crab fried rice and lamb. The crab was really good, no work put in removing the shells. Many of them didn't quite like the lamb because it was rather 'gamey'. I took down most of it! The mee raja wasn't that good. The Pandan chicken was so so... Pizza was okay, very cheesy with thin crust. 

Total bill came to about RM150.00++. I paid RM20.00 which was quite worthwhile because I ate a lot compared to some of the others. They didn't like the lamb, so I took the lamb. They couldn't finish the meatballs, so I ate the meatballs...practically scavenging on the leftovers. 

Mindset at the time: First to eat last to finish!

Shockingly, Sam who passed his driving test just last week drove Mr. Leonard back to his home in SS2. We then made our way back blindly to Sunway!!! This fella was swirling to and fro...Even I have better driving skills than that!


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