Monday, November 22, 2010

Golden Palm Tree?

Friday was the last day of my exams, was supposed to make my way to LCCT the next day so that my parents could pick me up from there. They had to attend some medical conference in a new resort hotel located right at the middle of Sepang's Gold Coast. The word Sepang brings back many memories, I went to my first F1 race there...boarded my first plane there too. Sepang has always been famous for hosting world class motor sports events but never have I imagined it as being a beach holiday kinda place.

My friend from Sunway was heading back to Malacca so I hitched a ride from him. We only left Melaka in the morning of the following day. Journey there took us around two hours, we passed through many kampungs and small towns such as Lukut. All his while in college I have been deprived of a proper camera, finally got my hands on the Powershot, a compact camera by Cannon.

 Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff there. The resort just started it's business in July, so it's just 4 months old. It is completely build on stilts, it consists of double or single story chalets arranged in a palm shape. they claimed to be the longest beach resort in Asia, dunno whether that's true. The lobby block was made up of mainly concrete with the addition of some natural elements. They used dry grass for their roof and also bamboos as the base.

 Took this picture at night when the roof lit up, the green light source came from this high powered projector.

 Brother trying to reach for the light...

The side of the main lobby, as you can see, the whole structure is supported by stilts.

Also part of the lobby...this part facing the open sea!
 Chandelier in lobby taken from below.

 Roof design of the restaurant where we had buffet breakfast...don't worry, food pictures come later.

 Main building from viewed from the side, was low tide that morning.

 Hotel management provided transport in the form of buggies. Few dozens of buggies going to and fro either to pick up guests or just as normal transport vehicles! The picture above was taken near the main entrance near the lobby.

Buggies send you all the way to your doorstep.Tinted this picture yellow.

Chalet balcony. Ladder and safety ring provided in case you fall into the sea.

Too free.

Beach area, weather was steaming hot that day, was quite reluctant to go out of the chalet. Got myself a minor tan.

All beach and water activities F.O.C but it was low tide and wind-less so didn't try them.

...went to look for crabs instead

Almost stepped on the jellyfish. My cousin actually placed a small crab on top of it, and  it's stingers actually killed the crab.

Holes created by the crabs, one of my better shots. Took this shot accidentally.

Close-up on a vase made up of dried water hyacinths. Interesting texture don't you think?

Complementary fruits in the chalet.

Breakfast. Not bad..., so, not the best I've eaten.

Desserts...bluack. Trust me they only look the part!

Behold, a slab of smoked duck breast...this left me speechless.

Overall, the place was okay except for the fact that it costs around a thousand bucks a night. The service here was average, food also average. The staff made a lot of noise at night, giggling and making all sorts of hooliganic noises! I really liked the design of the resort...very nice and relaxing place, unfortunately ruined by a not so experienced group of workers. 

My holidays are coming very soon, two more weeks of classes...stay tuned for more of my adventures both in Malacca and also other places!

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