Friday, December 17, 2010

Of Advancement and a Tinge of Kiasu-ism!

Dun pray pray, best in Singapor and Jaybee! 
Mention Singapore and I think of Phua Chu Kang.

Nah, I'm just kidding. As we all know, Singapore separated from Malaysia about half a century ago. Singaporeans are basically Malaysians with a higher degree of Kiasuism and also intelligence. Kiasu (Traditional Chinese: 驚輸; POJ: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing'. It is this spirit which most Malaysians lack that makes Singapore what it is today. Singapore is now a fast developing metropolis.
stitched image of Singapore cityscape, took this from my hotel room!

I skipped my class trip to Singapore because I was already going to Singapore with my family. Furthermore the price was a tad too steep for my liking. Even my friend a Pakistani-Singaporean didn't go. The experience of going with classmates is certainly a different one, too bad I couldn't afford the trip as whatever expanses from the trip would have to be taken from my savings.
So after my Penang trip, I came back to Melaka for three days. Didn't go out much as many of my friends were still away either completing their studies or away playing! It took us 4 hours to travel from Melaka to Singapore. One hour spent checking in at the Causeway....haiz, what a waste of time.

 stitched image of Marina, looked like an upside down Sydney Opera House to me!

We were headed towards Marina bay area as the our hotel was located there. The hotel has a Shopping centre directly underneath it. I had my first Singaporean meal in the shopping centre's food loft, a lousy plate of Pan Mee. My father ordered Japanese food which came with a slice of unagi and a large portion of stir-fried beef. His one tasted good, and the price was more reasonable. 

At night, we went to Orchard road via MRT. This was my first experience on Singapore's Mass Rail Transport. Purchase cards from some sorta vending machine and your free to go.  The cards are like Touch n Go cards, just place it on the sensor and the flaps separating you and the waiting area open. Orchard road synonymous with it's Christmas decorations has shopping malls on every corner. all shopping mall are interlinked. Bright massive Christmas trees lit the streets, enough to dazzle the minds of most foreign visitors. I still prefer the quietness of the Portuguese settlement back in Melaka, where families still decorate their homes yearly.

 Let the pictures do the talking:

 Marina Sands
Huge shopping centre located right next to Marina Sands Hotel. Very nicely planned. Construction works were still going on. The project has not been completed yet, still in it's infancy. The hotel and shopping centre had water features which I assume is for some Feng Shui purpose. I was privileged enough to view Singapore from the Skypark located on the uppermost floor of the Marina Sands hotel. Birds eye view obtained, too bad it weather was a little hazy that day.

Singapore national Museum
On my second day in Singapore, my brother and I headed to the Singapore National Museum. Entrance fees for normal visitors $10. We went in for free because we were STUDENTS! Really worthwhile, we also got the opportunity to masuk the museum's temporary exhibit-POMPEI. Managed to take a picture of a carbonized pig, trapped under the lava during POMPEI's great volcanic eruption!(pic below) The Malaysian Government should really emulate the way their Singaporean counterparts preserve the old and new under one roof.
I took many more pictures, but lazy to upload!

All Things Edible
Food here is generally more expensive in Malaysia. Get a Carl's Jr meal in Malaysia for 20 ringgit, expect to pay the same in the Singaporean currency here! There are some great bargains out there. You just have to look around. Got myself a really decent Japanese meal for $5.50. I also came across one restaurant serving unlimited sashimi at $20! Had my breakfast in Aquamarine Restaurant ...they served real bacon and smoked salmon, pretty good.

 Marina Mandarin
The hotel I stayed in wasn't bad , wasn't the best either. I have stayed in better ones. Built in the 80's the hotel still looks brand new. The service somehow sucked, don;t really know why. For the same price, you are better off getting a room in KL!

The end...

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