Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pearl of the Orient

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 I have no relatives in Penang and only been there once so I decided to embark on a journey up north. Penang is located north of Perak below Kedah also known as the Pearl of the Orient. The last time I went to Penang was during my primary six field trip. Didn't quite remember what happened six years ago as I was little and blur then. This time, armed with my Cannon Powershot, I was ready to face the World Heritage state. This trip was actually part 3 of  larger trip, part 1 and part 2 took place in both Sitiawan and Ipoh. Coverage of that will have to wait as processing the images takes time. I decided to edit my Penang photos first as they were the most promising. Ipoh and Sitiawan shots mainly of food. 

 One of the shoplots by the entrance of Khoo Kongsi Temple...

 Traditional Chinese lantern inside Khoo Kongsi Temple Museum

 Which one's real?

 Quite surprised my camera was sensitive enough to capture this...

Main courtyard of Penang Peranakan Mansion
Part of the series 'The little Nyonya' was filmed here

People then used to play this card game...had some kinda Chinese characters on them similar to those found in Chinese chess.

Outside the Peranakan Mansion

Peranakan Mansion dinning hall

The mansion's restrooms!

Famous Teochew cendol near Komtar going for RM1.80 a bowl!

Shopping centre below Komtar, forgot whats the official name.

Haha, I really like this photo...Penang Trishaw.

Georgetown's landmark: Komtar Tower

No buttons on this Private lift up. You have to be invited.

VIP view from the 46th floor!

Suffolk House-residence of Francis Light

Went to Ji Le Temple, took the Inclined Lift up.

View from inclined lift.

After the rain.

Went to all this places in a time span of just five hours, courtesy of Mr. Clint Lim who was our host for the day. Thank you also to Daniel who joined us for the last minute tour. Next post gonna be about part 1 and Part 2 of my after AS journeys, stay tuned for more action!

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