Monday, February 14, 2011

Y-Ear of the Labbit!

Yup, it's officially the year of the Rabbit everyone...the little cunning creature makes a comeback after twelve long years. Melaka experienced one of the longest rains in history, imagine three days on non stop downpour. Just when I thought the wetness was going to remain, suddenly on the eve of CNY, the sun decided to drop by. As the saying goes, better late than never. This year, I celebrated my Chinese New Year in Petaling Jaya. My grandmother finally got fed up Seremban for some unknown reason. Celebrating in PJ also means lesser time taken to travel up north to Ipoh later on.

This CNY I promised myself a few things:
- not to be to greedy when eating
- finish all my homework
- do some revision
- respect my elders more
- learn to appreciate the real meaning of CNY
- catch up with secondary school classmates
- polish up my driving skills

1.Not being greedy when eating
I have the tendency to overeat during Chinese New Years. Reason is, I get too overwhelmed when good food is presented to me. In my previous mega encounter with CNY food, I gained 3 kilos in just 2 days. This year however, I've decided to control myself. When you first dig in to quality food, no doubt you'll feel good, but after a while, taking in large quantities of food can make you feel sick. The problem with me? Well, I don't know when to stop!

 How can I not be greedy with so much choice? You tell me LAR!
 The biggest Yee Sang mankind has even seen!

2. Finish my homework
Let's not talk about homework shall be honest, I just finished my mathematics assignments just a few hours ago. Way behind schedule.

3. Do some revision
I never did revise, was busy the whole of last week including preparing for my IELTS test!

4. Respect my elders more
I personally think I tried my best to do so. No more hearing these phrases from my mother:
"Say hello to aunty lah!"

5. Appreciate the New Year
When I was young, mention Chinese New Year to me and I'll start thinking of the red packets of money-ang pao. Not anymore, my mindset has changed. 2 ringgit ang pao, 5 ringgit ang pao they are all the same. Psst...only 50 ringgit will make a difference. Just kidding. This season is a time of reunion, getting together, catching up with one another. For some of us, it's the only time of year in which we can meet up with the rest of our family members.

Ang Pao collection

6. Catch up with secondary school classmates and friends
Before heading off to PJ, I joined a group of secondary school classmates for buffet dinner at Carry On steamboat. It's been ages since I caught up with them, so it was really nice to see them. After Ipoh, I managed to squeeze in a couple of badminton games with the former badminton gang! So good to be playing quality games at cheap rates back in my hometown. My college classmate Fong Zheng also had a new year party at his house. Huge house I tell ya.

7. Polish up driving skills
No car in Sunway never mind. Most importantly, go back to hometown can drive. I did a lot of driving back in Melaka. My younger brother suffered from a torn ankle ligament so I had to fetch him to school. I became the family driver for the week. 
The car I drove most. It suffered a heart attack recently and has to go for a  major by-pass.

Random images:

Small red lantern makes a big impact to the surrounding gloom.

My auntie's new house. It's considered good luck to have lions visit your house for Chinese New Year to rid all the bad luck.

 Cabbage plays a pivotal role in the lion dance ceremony

 Never seen a lion stretch like this before...

 Firecrackers...bloody loud!

 Lovely orange-pamelo conjured out by the lion dance troupe!

 Drinks stock for the thirsty.

Paper fans made from ang paos by my yee poh

 First experience with 孔明灯 thanks to some college mates

Mandarin orange eating competition held by this year's A-level committee board.

College level lion dance performance

This Chinese New Year was great, looking forward to a better one next year!


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