Saturday, June 25, 2011

The last four months...

A roller-coaster ride. That's how I would describe the last 4 months.
For the first 3 months of the last 4 months, books and past year papers became my staple. I had revision notes for lunch and dinner.

 My daily routine for the 3 months:
-wake up
-attend class

The A2 exams lasted for less than a month. Surprisingly, it felt longer than that. Some people, a majority which includes myself,  tend to eat more during the exam season. Some of my friends experienced noticeable horizontal growth throughout this period. Fortunately for me, I swim on and off, no weight added.

Exams over, everybody planned their class trips and celebrations. Sweet victory at last! My class did initially plan a trip to Langkawi, but due to budget constraints and certain complications, we had to abort the 'mission'. I came to a compromise and suggested a Malacca trip instead. Thankfully, almost the whole class came for the trip. I glad they had fun in my hometown, trying out the cheap food and visiting the famous landmarks. Hurrah!

I always believe pictures tell a better story than words. Here are some moments I captured using my camera.

I came face to face with this metal cup. The UEFA Champions League trophy.

Had Jogoya Japanese buffet for the first time with friends. Food was so so, not as good an Tenji in my opinion. But all was worthwhile because we were entitled to the buy one free one offer.

Harvest Generation Churchhad it's first large scale Easter musical 'The Velvet Rabbit'. More than 450 people attended the event and it was a huge success.
never expected the play to turn out so well! It was held at Taylor's lakeside.

Had Chemistry practical for the last time.

 Biology practicals for the last time with Ms. Irma

My push towards the exams. I'm a very last minute person. Imagine finishing up 10 years of pass year just two days before the exams. Hoping for good results...they're not out yet. I'll find out this August.

First time on board a KTM commuter. A group of friends invited me to come join their Taiping trip.Overall, it was a memorable experience, not because Taiping had great food and all, but because I got the opportunity to witness a side of Taiping previously not known to me. i appreciate the host for having us around and allowing us to stay at her mansion for a couple of nights.

One word to describe the sceneries at Taiping lake, 'Breathtaking'

Became tour guide for 2 days. Brought my classmates around the historical city of Malacca.

Group photo with classmates from college. Although the A-level course was just 1.5 years, I made a lot of good friends. Worthy enemies also....just joking.

A year ago, I caught a glimpse of my elder brother's Triple A Ceremony, an annual event every Sunway A-level student is required to attend, also our 'Graduation Night/Prom". Before I knew it, my turn came. A splendid night indeed with great food and good company, everyone was at their best. That night was also the last time I saw most of my friends.Farewells were bound to take place.

'There will always be a time for meetings and a time for separation. 
It is what we make of these times that will change a portion of our lives forever, 
for better or for worst.'

 View of Lagoonview Condominiums from my room.

  I packed my room, which was initially in this state. JUNKYARD

My cupboard collapsed, lucky for me...the doors supported the rest of the frame.I survived. The cleaning up and packing took me a whole day. I didn't realize I stored so much junk in my room. Many dilemmas during packing, to throw or not to throw. In the end, haiyah! Throw everything-lah.


Last cell group meeting for me. Don't be mislead by the number of people here in this picture. U5 cell has grown tremendously over the pass few months, with the number currently standing at 27.

I'm so fortunate to have been sent to Sunway College to pursue my pre-U studies, meeting new people,and learning to be more independent. Now that it is over, I can finally come back to Malacca and have a much awaited rest. Next step is university life, hopefully I'll be able to secure a place in a reputable university taking this pre-U experience as a stepping stone for what's to come in the future.


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