Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cycling Around Malacca Town

I've missed out on a few cycling trips already, so finally I got a chance to paddle my bike.
First, I meet up with Leroy, Mah and Gin Shen at the Ujong Pasir Petronas. It was about 9am. Jack-Hui Jie wasn't there yet and so we decided togive him a morning call. We cycled to his house opposite the old Bei Zan restaurant. He got up from bed and we continued our journey, to where we weren't quite sure...

There's this man made island just beside Melaka Raya, we crossed the bridge and explored the deserted island. The island is called Pulau Melaka according to recent media it was suppose to be part of the Arab City project. On one side of the road, sits the famous Malacca Straits Mosque,
on the other side lies a series of white elephants. The island is a rather good place for racing, the whole island had some kind of race circuit like setting. No cars whatsoever.

We decided to have breakfast next. We tried a few places such as Saturday Ice Cafe but they were closed. We then took a short cut and headed toward Bkt. Cina famous for its century old graveyards.

These other places we visited:
#Malacca boardwalk beside the Melaka river - almost rammed into a few samall kids.
#Digital Mall - we cycled all the way to the top and got chased down by agroup of Malay men.
#Tesco and New Aeon(Jusco) - yes the one that exploded!
#Melaka Sentral - Leroy wanted to stop at al-Ikhsan to check up some some shoes.Indian #Restaurant for breakfast - it sucked!
#Peringgit - cycled past the state's satellite incubator.

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