Friday, January 15, 2010


From the post about Tenji, some of you might have the idea that I love Japanese food, which is, er… very true. Now, not all Japanese food are made or served the same, repeat after me. “Sushi King is for the noobs.” Thank you thank you, now let me tell you about this Rakuzen place.

It was a long Friday for me as I finished my second week of classes at Sunway Univeristy College. Classes finished early today so I joined my brother and his classmates for lunch. I did not know where we were heading, my brother did stress on some Ramen dish.

After warming up the car seat for a while-only one 45 minutes, and having to endure the strain of KL traffic, we ended up at Rakuzen in SS15, Subang Jaya near Taylors College and Sri KL. The exterior of the restaurant looked rather impressive & expensive...hahaha...but we just gave it a try.

The restaurant menu was great and included all sorts of Japanese food stuff, don't really know what they are called though. The cheapest set meals were RM 22.00 not including service charge. Because of my tight budget, I limited my self to the CHEAPER meals. I chose some rice dish with chicken on top, basically Japanese-styled chicken rice! The chicken was deepfried and place on top of the rice. Also included in the set are a small bowl of Cawamushi-egg custard and Bonito flake soup. My brother selected the Terayaki chicken set. it ws the other CHEAP set. His friends got themselves the more expensive setls like sashimi and stir-fried beef. The bill for five of us came to RM155.00.

The Cawamushi I mentioned earlier, inside we had a slice of chicken and some mushrooms plus a ginko.

Teriyaki chicken

The chicken rice set

The restaurant menu

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