Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunway life

Yeap, its been quite some time now since I've blogged about anything interesting well I'm afraid nothing's gonna change for the time being. Well for most of us, the 3 months between the SPM exmas and the result day would be a time of rest or relaxation, maybe even getting a part time job for that matter. I on the other hand went straight to Sunway University College located in Bandar Sunway.

The first few days of college life was rather boring, imagine having no one to speak to and no computer to go online. The only thing I did all day was eat and sleep. The student here come from all backgrounds, there is the white, yellow, brown,and black. I got to know some coursemates that come from other contries namely India and Jordan. I met some local and outstation people too, some from around the Klang Valley and some even from as far as Kuantan. The Klang Valley speciments do think that their English have certain superiorities compared to us.

The food around here is quite expensive, an average meal would cost around RM4.00. For the pass few days I've been going on budget having vegetarian food for lunch and only meaty items at night. Saves me quite a lot. Where in Kl would you find a fairly decent lunch for 2 ringgit? I made that possible by only choosing vegie dishes.

I've discovered that the whole college is wifi but only students here can access the internet because we need student IDs to do so. Even so, internet services here are cheap. 2 ringgit can buy you an hour of high-speed internet. There's even a internet cable in my condo unit. Stay tuned for more updates on my life as a Sunway student!


Jonah See, The Incomplete Name said...

Oh? Those snoty village boys think their command over the Engish language superior to ours? Well then my man, it time you prove them wrong.
Tell they ur tiche were from THE UNIVERSECITY OF MANCHESTER!!

KINMUN said...

Come onlah how to fight, even brother Mike may sound kampungish to them.