Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Malacca from Sunway and Back

On Friday after class, my elder brother, Joel, two of his friends and myself made our way back to Malacca, by bus. At about 2.00pm we gathered at the bus stop in front of my condo, Sun-U Residence. We were waiting for an orange bus that would take us to the entrance of Sunway Pyramid. Once at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid, we crossed the busy expressway using an overhead bridge. We then took the Metro bus to Puduraya. The journey costed us 3 bucks each. After 20 minutes or so, we arrived at Pudu. The bus didn't stop exactly infront of Kl's busiest spot, we had to go down near a traffic junction. Once there, we purchased our tickets from Transnasional, a highly reliable choice. The bus was bound to leave the station at 4:00pm. While waiting for the bus, we decided to check out the new waiting area, although a little empty, the place was very clean. It was like an airport waiting area without the air planes. The waiting area overlooked the busy atmosphere downstairs. The bus did not make it on time, it was late. Then we found out that we had to walk toward the main road to board a Double-decker bus. The double-deck bus was just like a normal bus except it had extra seats on the top deck. As the bus went under flyovers, its roof nearly touched the ceilings.

I came home this weekend to take my Undang test to get my L driving licence. I only had a night to prepare considering I didn't bring my Panduan Pemanduan Book with me to Sunway. The next day the van driver phoned my house at around 7:00am asking me to come out because he was suppose to send me to the driving centre to take my test., Turns out that Zapcity made a mistake in their timing, They were only suppose to fetch me at 10:20pm. I phone Zapcity and asked what was going on just to make sure nothing bad happens. They said since I missed the van that was supposed to fetch me, I willl not be able to take the test on that day. I couldn't believe it, I came all this way back to my hometown for the test and this happens! Then with the help of my mother, she managed to persuade the driving school to fetch me eventhough it was out of the way. I was the only passenger from Ujong Pasir, the rest were from out of town near Klebang, and Bukit Rambai. So finally at 1:00pm I arrived at the test centre, the tudung-clad woman said they were closed for lunch so we had to wait until 2:00pm before we could take the test. After two whole times of having the JPJ website's server down, I finally could take the undang test. Many people passed, and many failed too. Well at least I got a pass, ther result, 49/50. Not too bad, not too good either.

The next day on Sunday, Joel and Kun Enf took a lift from us back to Kl. We went to Ikea and the shopping areas around it to window shop becuz my mother had to buy some book shelfs. The curve and Ikano weren't that great, the atmosphere was kinda quiet unlike Sunway Pyramid. Oh yea, I met Gin Shen at Ikea, I guessed he too was dragged to Ikea by his mother.

Here I am testing out the internet connection from my condo unit


Jonah See, The Incomplete Name said...

who's joel?

KINMUN said...

Who else but your ex-monitor.

KINMUN said...
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Jonah See, The Incomplete Name said...

OH. I forgot he was in Sunway, LoL

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