Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's about time...

Three whole weeks have passed since my semester break and yet my studying groove hasn't returned. I think I've lost it...either that or I never had one. I'm really trying to catch up on my studies now because I wasted too much time! Full blast!

The other day, I took the condo stairs instead of the lift. There was this rather huge stack of old books tucked into one side of the staircase. I decided to "EXPLORE" the junk. Guess what I found, a whole lot of pass year papers and even original GCE A-level textbooks!!! Excellent, no need to spent a single cent on my revision notes...To tell you the truth, I don't like to read, I seldom read storybooks and that's why I tend to sound like a textbook writer when I blog. Like brother Michael once said, too mathematical, too many repetitions, like a robot. Anyway, I carried the books back to my brother's unit and sorted them out according to subject. His roommate, also in Sunway A-levels also helped. I scanned through most of the books, most were still brand new. I could tell from their facial expressions that they hadn't been touched by the owners very often, maybe just once or twice. These books could easily have fetched hundreds of ringgit in bookstores.

That's about it for now, CHEERS!!!

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