Sunday, January 9, 2011

First week...2011

The first week of the new year has just went by in an eye's blink. Right now I would like to summarise the week as a whole.Class surprisingly started like normal. I felt like everybody studied during the holidays. Semua susah punye A2 question boleh jawab wor! Walau-eh, these people have been silently working hard. Pretty satisfied with my timetable now. 3 out of 5 days, we start at 9:30am. This indirectly leads longer sleeping hours. Food prices here have gone up. My favourite nasi kandar at medan now costs 50 cent more. I dare not go near the chinese mix rice stalls, they'll cut your throat if you go near them. I plan to rely on my personal culinary skills to survive the next few months. Time hasn't been on my side, I haven't got time to try out the rest of foods yet. I'm not so sure whether standards have dropped. Thank goodness white's Chicken Rice still maintains quality and quantity.

Sunway Pyramid hasn't changed much. A few new stalls here and there. I spotted a Li-ning concept store which has yet to open. I might get some cheap Li-ning rackets there. With the canopy walk, I can now go to pyramid for lunch. It's very convenient in a sense. Time saved is money earned!

The university's library computers are now fully installed with Windows 7. I discovered this really cool design book in the library, borrowed it immediately. It's entitled "Lettering, Beyond Computer Graphics". This book has all sorts of hand drawn and photography related fonts. The whole book is filled with vivid images of fonts. I consider it a good source of inspiration for my future works.

Most intakes have not started their classes yet. The campus is least crowded now. Next week, as expected, will be a period of overwhelming crowded-ness!
Wei Qi and Matthew from my former secondary school arrived at Sun-U today. They checked in this morning. Really glad to see more Franciscans starting to realise the decency of Sunway. The majority still further their studies atour friendly neigbour T------.

New Year's Party
Sonia, my classmate hosted this lovely new year's party at her residence today. She had some of her friends come over from both college, church and secondary school. On the menu we had some home cooked Fettuccine carbonara courtesy of the host, KFC, Dominos, muffins, and chocolate cake. Played twister for the first time in my life and a short round of Pictionary.

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