Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today my AS(A-level Subsidiary) results were released online. Pretty satisfied with my results despite not getting better marks in my Chemistry paper. I was quite shocked when I saw my Physics percentile. It clearly stated 100% on the score slip. I left out 2 whole sections of paper two during the AS exam, yet I still managed a 100%. I had a minor depression after I realised I left out those questions, it took me a few days to recover.

Practically everyone gets straight A's for the AS exam. So there's really nothing to shout about when you get a string of A's.
"For those who didn't get the results they wanted, cheer up. It's only the first leg of the journey and there's still time to finish the second leg in better fashion. For those who did well, congratulations...keep up the good work! Try not to get too carried away."
* * *
Jonah sms-ed me during chemistry class:
Hey when you free? Want to go ninja joes for dinner?

I agreed to go as I've been deprived of pork meat for quite some time. 1 week to be exact. Ninja Joe is supposed to be one of the better pork restaurants in Pyramid. It offers mainly pork burgers and some side dishes. The Sunway Pyramid outlet is the second outlet after Tropicana outlet. Opened just last year, the place has been attracting my pork addicts, myself included.

In front a the shop is a large bunting stating the shop's non halal nature to the public. Aggressive approach by the shop owners don't you think. On one of the buntings, the prices of burgers are also displayed. Solo ninja goes for RM5.50. The more you buy, the more you save. We went for the 6 ninja set-RM23.90.
Plenty of side dishes to choose from, mainly deep fried nugget type snacks. The side dishes not so great, definitely not worth your penny. If you have nothing else to spend on, go ahead and waste your money. Only the burgers were good, not too overcooked. For those wanting a bigger portion of burger, you can always opt for the Big Boss. A supposedly larger version of the standard 'ninja'.

 Service was good, fast and efficient.

 Hated these Shurikens...

The two flavours we ordered. They also have spicy, sweet and sour, black pepper and oriental flavours.

Two thumbs up to the best pork burger in town.

Minimalist design capture the eyes of customers...

They should change this to real  ninjas eat PORK.

 Kin Yoong and Jonah savouring their burgers.

...and me, clearly in a state of mental distress.

Very often people question my views on food. They always wonder why I'm so obsessed with food.
Well, food is nourishment...when you go hungry you suffer. Friends often say I have a large appetite, bottom-less pit...whatever terms they use, I know what's best for myself. I don't usually eat that much. For breakfast, I have a packet of IKO biscuits. For lunch, something light like mixed rice. For dinner...also mixed rice. Sometimes just cook myself a bowl of instant noodles. It's only during special occassions that I get to spend. And when I spend, I prefer to spend on something that is value for money and also good tasting foods. Always remember, it's quality not quantity that counts, but if quality and quantity comes together, then even better. Cheers!


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